Steel door frames

We produce huge variery of steel door frames. We offer steel door frames for classic brickwork, for plasterboard, door frames for concrete buildings. We also offer stainless steel door frames and steel door frames like casing frames. All our door frames can also be prepared for complete fireproof seals.


Steel poles

We produce all types of stepped steel poles and pylons. These pylons are mainly used for public street lighting. We also produce decorative poles, railway poles, flagpoles, signalization traffic lights pylons and also atypical poles and pylons on customers´ demand.



27. 04. 2010
18th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics
04. 02. 2009
!!! NEW !!! in our Steelproducts
16. 01. 2009
We welcome our customers and business partners in New Year and wish all the best!