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Quality Policy

KOOPERATIVA, production and trade co-operative Uhlířské Janovice is important and traditional producer of steel doorframes, steel poles and pylons, decorated glass goods and shaped glass products.

Quality policy is based on persuasion of Top management, that satisfied customer is and will be the only source of permanent profit and prosperity for this company. For Top management of co-operative is quality together with exact dates of delivery and profitable price terms for both business sides the most important touchstone to consider customer satisfaction.

KOOPERATIVA, production and trade co-operative pledges to:

  • produce high quality products, that in maximal possible extent meets requirements, expectation and ideas of customers
  • develop permanent conditions to competitiveness of its production on market trough active approach to inovations
  • systematically choose, prepare and positive motivate employees to reach high quality level of products

To fulfill quality policy, top management determines these rules:

  • first and basic step to reach high quality is perfect knowledge of customer requirements
  • in interest of permanent prosperity it is very important to know, what do the customer want to buy and how much will they pay for it
  • high quality product is the cheapest product for the customer - bad quality means costs
  • price is not the main decisive for good business, but minimal purchase cost are
  • it is very important to expect always (foresee) possible bugs and refunds (not satisfied customer )
  • reaction to differences in quality has to be early and enough effective remedy
  • quality is not in control - quality is attribute of product (service)
  • it is not possible to eliminate bad quality of production, if there is a bad quality of production preparation
  • every empolyee has to know well what to do - that is the only way how to work the best way and produce high quality products
  • managers of all levels have permanent responsibility to search and apply way to reach highest quality products

KOOPERATIVA, production and trade co-operative Uhlirske Janovice wants to assert quality policy and throught it to be a thriving and successful company in eyes of its customers.


27. 04. 2010
18th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics
04. 02. 2009
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16. 01. 2009
We welcome our customers and business partners in New Year and wish all the best!