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Glass shaping

Glass production and decoration is the youngest branch, witch we put in operation in 1998.

Glass shaping technology is based on forming cutouts of flat glass with burning flame in metal forms on special processing device. This way are produced glass small bowls, cups, saucers, candle holders but also big bowls, trays and plates till diameter of 330 mm and height of 50 mm.
Benefit of this technology, in level with other methods of glass shaping, is straight sides, comparatively low weight and high quality surface of products. The same way we produce also laboratory glass - Petri dishes

These products are certificated as harmless and it is possible to use them by dining. They are also enough heat resistant, so they can be used in microwave.

Glass decoration

In glass decoration, we decorate our own products, but we also very often decorate products of other producers. This decoration is carried out with technology of spraying, sieve printing, drawing, soaking or transfers.

The color burning in kiln, that comes after decoration, is technologically adapted to type of used color and glass, on which is decoration carried out.

For decoration are usually used colors without heavy metals and other harmful substances with sufficient resistance to water effects and chemical detergents, that allows to use this decorated glass in washing machines.