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Steel doorframe technical description

1. General product data

Steel doorframes ZAKO, produced in according to basic norm ČSN 746501, are frame constructions that bound the hole in wall, are bricked up in the peripheral wall, screen possibly installed in gypsum walls and are appointed to attach with the door leaf. Steel doorframes for fire seal sets have function of fireproof door leaf bearing and as a set serve to protect emergency exits and protect fire, heat and smoke penetration. Apposite fireproof sets are certificated and provided with certificates and tehcnical documents >certification

2. Technical dates of product

Steel doorframes are frame constructions produced of thinwall profiles of minimal thickness 1,5 mm and material quality class 11 343, 11 373, 11 375. Basic dimensions of doorframes are directly linked to applied door leafs. Depth of profile is dependent on dimension (thickness) of the wall. Doorframes are installed and fixed in the bearing walls, screens or gypsum walls with anchor elements. The right function of doorframes is only supported, when they are fixed and installed in the building and in according to fixing instruction manual emited by producer.

3. Basic dimensions of product (B x H) (mm)

600 x 1970, 700 x 1970, 800 x 1970, 900 x 1970 - one door leaf
1250 x 1970, 1450 x 1970, 1600 x 1970 - two door leafs

4. Steel doorframes fire resistance classification

Producer, that is owner of fireproof seal set certificate is duty to label the door leaf and steel doorframe in according to regulation 202/1999 Sb.
E - construction integrity - ability of fireproof seal to protect flame, smoke and heat penetration to the reverse side for normalized time by testing.
I - isolation ability - ability of fireproof seal to protect temperature increase on the reverse side. This temperature has to stay under normalized level for normalized time by testing.
W - heat-isolation ability - ability of fireproof seal to protect heat flow density increase. Heat flow density has to stay under the normalized level for time of normalized testing.
t - time of limit point of fire impact testing
C - funciton equipment of fireproof seal
+ - fireproof seal application in construction of complete set
D1,D2,D3 - mark of construction type (inflammability)

5. Steel doorframes marking

Steel doorframes are marked with 20 numbers code and doorframes for fireproof seals has at the end of this number sign PO. Example of doorframe label: H 95 800 L - PO . Doorframe is also marked with the label of the worker (welding worker) and production nr. with date of production.

6. Steel doorframe installation - fixing

Steel doorframes for complete fireproof sets are attached in not flammable constructions in according to norm ČSN 730802 or in construction D1 in according to norm ČSN 73 0804. Before doorframe fixing is necessary to control visually right angles, surface plane, basic function dimensions and control potential defects cause with storage and transport. It is necessary to fix the doorframe in according to installation instruction manual. Bad installation can cause bad function of fireproof seal and fireproof resistance reduction.

7. Transport, storage, manipulation

Transport is arranged by mutual consent of producer and customer. Doorframes are transported mainly in vertical position and fasten against moving and falling down. Doorframe storage goes about in dry places in vertical position, not loaded, free standing to avoid deformation.
Manipulation with doorframes should respect charakter of thinwall open profiles, that are susceptible to damage. Very easy can be localy deformated and damaged by impact and falling down by unqualified manipulation.

8. Maintenance, warranty

Steel doorframes don´t need special maintenance. It is possible to wash them with lukewarm water using appropriate detergents with respect to surface. It is good, to oil hinges once in the year with lubricating oil. It is forbiden to drill some holes in doorframes for fireproof seal. Potential deformations and mechanical modifications can cause fire resistance reduction. Warranty is not applied to door ferrule and damages caused for unqualified transport and storage.


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