- Lighting pylon with base - for street, 2-stepped

Types of the Bracket

J, UD (from 1 to 4-armed) or it is possible
to install the light on the shaft directly


for lighting of bigger palces and main city streets

Surface of the Product

- deep hot galvanised (heat covering with zinc) according to the norm DIN EN ISO 1461
- deep hot galvanised and painted with coloru according to the table of colours RAL (DUPLEX SYSTEM)


- there is the opening with the door in the lower part of the shaft,
for installing the clip and electrical accessories
- there is one oval opening for passing cables in the axis
of the door

Additional offer

- equipment for pylon
- lights and lamps
- light sources
- connecting material

Used Materials

This product is produced in accordance with norm ČSN EN 40 and fulfills requirements of Norm ČSN EN ISO 3834
The Quality of product is managed by Norm EN ISO 9001:2001

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  Kód ŘadaTypH (mm)L (mm)E (mm)Zatížení (kg)
12100-00112 J8-140/1146 2007 2001 00080
12100-00113 J10-140/1148 2009 4001 20070
12100-00114 J12-140/11410 20011 7001 50060