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Our product range offers a wide range of ZAKO steel door frames, which we produce both as part of the standard series in standard dimensions, and on the other hand, we tailor them to each project.

Since 2019, we have been manufacturing ZAKO steel frames with a groove for an integrated profile seal as standard, because we are convinced of the unequivocal benefit of seals for energy saving and thus also for environmental protection. Although we are still able to produce door frames without a groove as an atypical product, our clients prefer the indisputable advantages that the seal in the door frame groove brings, and therefore they do not ask for this outdated type of door frame except for exceptions.

When choosing steel door frames, you can start by choosing according to the type of wall. We offer ZAKO steel frames for masonry, plasterboard partitions and ready-made openings. You build the steel frames into the masonry and into the plasterboard before laying the floor. On the other hand, you can purchase facing frames for finished openings at the end and have them installed by us only when everything is (almost) finished.

There you can find all types of door frames, in our catalog and here on the website, first sorted by wall type, then by profile shape.

In addition to classic standard door frames with the profile YH for masonry or S for plasterboard, we offer various additional types of door frames, such as door frames with an extended face (UYH and US) or door frames with a sight groove (B and SB), hospital door frames (YN and SN) and door frames for swing doors (YK and SK). For very wide walls, we offer corner frames (R and SR) as well as simple protective frames on the wall and plasterboard corners (YC and SC).

If you are looking for door frames for fire protection assemblies, take a look at our range of complete fire protection assemblies.

We will help you choose resistant fire doors and suitable frames for them. We also produce steel door frames modified for security doors and external entrance doors.

You can find our typical ZAKO catalog door frames most easily in stores with building materials. You can request atypical products through our partners, or contact our sales department directly with more complex requests.

Visit of our partners from Doornite

On February 7-8, 2024, we accepted a group of representatives of Doornite s.r.o.


Presentation at the MPL Trading workshop

We presented ZAKO door frames at our friendly company MPL Trading


Doorframes news no. 3

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Doorframes reference no. 2

Doorframes reference no. 2


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